Ceramic, Metal-Free, non-titanium implants
paul plascyk, d.d.s.
charlotte, nc

Ceramic (metal-free) Implant

Our ceramic (non-titanium) dental implants are made by ZSystems.

The following information is from the manufacturer's website:

- The implants are "suitable for patients with meta; allergies and the chronic diseases resulting from them."

- Scientifically documented superior biocompatibility and soft tissue response.

- Z-Systems is your expert for metal free dental implants. Our ceramic implant systems Z-Look3 and Z-Look3 EVO are made of a special Zirconia, the ZrO2-TZP-A-Bio HIP. With this special zirconium oxide bio-ceramic and the special production process of the Z-Systems implants, we fulfill the requirements of the dental implantology as well as the needs of metal free and cosmetic dentistry.

- Z-Systems have over 10 years clinical experience with Z-Look implants. Z-Systems implants have been approved by several safety regulatory agencies across the globe, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA since 2007). Today, with over 27,000 placed implants, we offer you an aesthetic, healthy, and safe alternative in modern dentistry – also for over-dentures available.

- Z-Systems – the aesthetic and white alternative for implant dentistry. Now you have the choice: WHITE or GREY.

- Only the real tooth is more natural.